Press release made by the Sierra Leone Embassy of fake donations made by Rihanna


“The Clara Lionel Foundation, founded by Rihanna, has said that a story about the singer donating millions of dollars to Sierra Leone’s mudslide victims is “untrue and completely inaccurate”. Source:

Sierra Leone Embassy in United State of America release a public letter clarifying and confirmed that Rihanna did not make any donations towards the recent mudslide in Sierra Leone. Recently, a post have gone viral of how Rihanna donated $2 million to Sierra Leone for the mudslide incident.  Several websites, popular media publications and top pages have all broadcast the information on their platforms however Sierra Leone Embassy in USA denied its fake and they have not received or learnt about such donations.

The initial post was published in both Barbados Today (post have been removed from website) and Global News over the weekend. Reports stated that the superstar had donated the funds to help those affected by the mudslide, and “provide shelter, food, clothing, and medicines.” They posted the story along with what they claimed were direct quotes from the singer.

The story was shared several times across social media, before a spokesperson from the Clara Lionel Foundation told Buzzfeed News that the report was in fact false.

Press statement by the Sierra Leone Embassy in United State of America

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