Web Design

Having a pretty website is sometimes not enough however making it visible to your audience is essential, I Rep Salone will take care of that by making sure that we drive quality traffic that will produce results. We design any types of website for individuals and businesses that required on online presence. We design professional websites and use the latest version of templates based on your needs. Your website will also be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and visible on search engines. We also offer domain registration and hosting services.

Advertising and Promotions

Do you have a product and services that need promotions? I Rep Salone have over thousands of following and active users that we promote your content online and social media. We also do offline promotions to suits your budget and needs. We will find ways and methods to advertise your business to the right audiance using different platforms such as social medias and online paid advertising. Our platforms are interactive and well known in the Sierra Leone community so be sure your are in a safe hands.

Domain and Hosting Services

We offer domain registration and hosting services at additional cost. However if you take on our website package and spend over £600 we can do it for free as part of your package for one year and extra cost if you want to continue using the service. From £9.99 for domain registration for one year with basic package and option to upgrade. From £8.99 for basic hosting services on a monthly basis with the option to upgrade to bigger storage space or yearly subscriptions.


A professional logo attracts and invites customers to your business while a beautiful business card makes you stands out from the crowd. With our design and creative services, we will design a perfect logo, flyer and business card. Our branding services includes logo design, business cards creations, flyer design, booklet, and general designing. We also do printing services at additional costs depending on your requirements.

Social Media Promotions

Once you take on our web designing package, we then do the work and after the job is complete, I Rep Salone will offer free 1 to 2 weeks promotions on all our social media accounts (2 posts weekly on our platforms). We also charge for on-going social media promotions, social media creation and management. We can also do paid advertising on Facebook at additional cost.

Directory Submission

I Rep Salone will submit your website on our directory website at no cost and also submit your company information to top and quality directory websites. This option only available to customers that take on our services with higher spending budget.


We have an option to cater and promote your talent on our platforms.
We can do 30 day promotions on all our social media accounts and pages (over 10 accounts including Facebook, Instagram and more depending on the your requirements).
We will upload your biography with picture/pictures plus video/audio or link to any website of your choice and promote it on our social media platforms.
We will upload your video and audio on our website, Sound-cloud and YouTube plus share on Facebook with the option to share on Whatsapp Groups.
You will be added on our business directory website as well as Google Search Engine.
We can also conduct street promotions if required.

Why Choose us

  • Award winning brand and recognise in the community
  • We care and work together
  • Your satisfactions is our concern
  • Repeat business and long-term relationship
  • We design any types of website and redesign existing ones
  • Flexibility and affordable pricing
  • One stop shop for all your branding, design and promotions


  • £200 for 4 basic website pages and £50 for each additional page. Extra cost for blog integration, eCommerce website, more complex website, video and gallery added
  • £60 for 30 days online promotions
  • Free Sound Cloud and YouTube uploads, one-off basic Facebook promotions
  • Free upload of your bio, video or audio on our website for one-off however additional cost if you need more uploads on our platforms
  • From £30 for design and branding projects such as logo design, business cards, flyers and more.
  • £50 for submission to google search engine and business directory
  • Free submission to our directory website if you take on our services
  • Free social media page creation (2 platforms) if you take on our services
  • I Rep Salone Merchandise, coming soon. You can request an item to be made if needed urgent.
  • From £9.99 for domain registration (depend on domain extension) for one year with basic package and the option to upgrade
  • £8.99 for basic hosting services on a monthly basis with the option to upgrade to bigger storage space or yearly subscriptions
  • Printing services on request


Below are ways to pay for I Rep Salone Services depending on the country you currently reside. Countries with credit card and visa card facilities can make online payment. To pay for individual services, you can contact us so we can send you receipt and a link to make payment.

UK: To make payment for any of our services in the UK, you have the option to either make online payment, through PayPal or Bank transfer.

SIERRA LEONE: To pay in Sierra Leone for any of our services, you will have to contact us for more information and we will connect you with our team in Freetown.

OTHER COUNTRIES: Countries with credit card and visa card facilities can make payment online and PayPal


I Rep Salone is a promotional, advertising and braining company for all your online needs. We promote Sierra Leoneans in various capacities such as individuals in music, fashion, beauty and many more. We use different methods to promotes, advertise and disseminate information to the right audience for your product and services. We work with any types of business and individual at affordable budgets to meet their requirements.

Our Services includes promotions, business advertising, website design, business card creations, flyer design, logo design, printing services, booklet design, domain and hosting services, social media promotions and online services.



Please feel free to contact us if you have general enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Contact us today to advertise and promote your product, services, events, jobs, music, brand and business. You can follow us on social media for more updates, services, special offers and more.

To see more of our services ask for a copy of our brochure and will be sent to you. We have a PDF version which can be shared on Whatsapp and flyers on other social media platforms.


Address: I Rep Salone Ltd 152 City Road Kemp House London EC1V 2NX (UK)

Phone: 00447534349388

Email: irepsalone1@gmail.com and business@irepsalone.com

Change Pricing Plan

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£200366 daysPackage10 regular & 5 featured listings

£100185 daysPackage5 regular & 2 featured listings

£5090 daysPackage3 regular & 1 featured listings

£2030 daysPackage1 regular & 0 featured listings

£500Unlimited daysPackage15 regular & 5 featured listings

£Unlimited daysPackage1 regular & 0 featured listings

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