Fufu and Okra Soup|The Sierra Leone Way


Fufu and Okra Soup|The Sierra Leone Way

Fufu or foofoo, fufuo, foufou is one of many delicious dishes available in Sierra Leone. Fufu is also one of many staple foods of many countries in West Africa and the Caribbean. It is often made with flour extracted from cassava plant or alternatively another flour, such as semolina and maize flour, or made with yam. In Sierra Leone, Fufu is served alongside many soups/dishes such as Groundnut Soup, okra stew, Crain Crain/krain Krain, egusi, bittas, sawa sawa and many more. Traditionally, Fufu is eaten with the fingers, and a small ball of it can be dipped into an accompanying soup or sauce.

Okra Stew (Cooking varies)

In Sierra Leone, Okra (okro): is commonly prepared with or without palm-oil. Other ingredients includes fish and other seafoods/chicken/beef/crabs, various seasonings and herbs etc.

Ingredients and cooking processes can vary according to individual preferences.

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