I Rep Salone – I Represent Sierra Leone

I Rep Salone is an online magazine aim to showcase current issues in the community through entertainment, music and more both in Sierra Leone & Abroad.

I Rep Salone (I Represent Sierra Leone) will be featuring issues affecting the community, buzzin on social media and talk about range of topics such as entertainment, fashion, music, latest news, showcase businesses, what’s happening in the community and more.

This website cannot achieve greater success without your help and contributions therefore bloggers, writers and contributors are welcome as monetary reward will be made if your post is published on the website. Please note monetary offer only applies to bloggers, content writer and online contributors.

Your feedback are welcome, ways for improvement is appreciated and suggestions will also make a difference so feel free to add your input.

About the owner and founder

This website is founded by Sallay Kamara, a blogger, internet and affiliate marketer, website designer, social media specialists, business minded and a graduate in Business Studies. My background is mostly online however I have other skills but always looking for opportunities to improve myself positively. You can email me at salamatukamarabiz@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook.

Contact me to submit your contents. Contents has to be relating to page topics so be sure you are sending me the right information, images and contact detail. Email: irepsalone1@gmail.com or you can follow the page onĀ Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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