Advertisement with I Rep Salone – I Represent Sierra Leone

You can contact IRepSalone for adverts and promotions for your products and services. Adverts are placed on the website and social media accounts depending on your requirements.

There are a range of options that you can use when advertising with I Rep Salone. The site uses banner ad, text ad and video ads. Your products and services will be advertise onto our website, directories and social medias at affordable price, feel free to make your requests.

I Rep Salone caters to everyone therefore it gives everybody the chance to advertise on the site even if you have a low budget. Adverts are made through videos (excluding interviews) or information will be placed on the site including banners and text ads. Get in contact to discuss your requirements and will cater for you. If you are a business owner, entertainer, musician or just wants to advertise your events feel free to contact me.

Note: Free advertisements are only made to charities and the benefit of the advert are none profit or the benefit of Mama Salone in order to help the poor/need.

Please complete the form below to make your request and I will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss your requirements further.